We love streamers. Even more if they're 2D. Born from the love and support of our loyal clients, we aim to be the brand that both aspiring and established streamers can rely on.

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Our beloved clients

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pfp SoyaPoya

"Working with Moshie is always a pleasure. She makes sure you are happy with the design and puts in lots of effort. You can also tell she really loves her kids and pours in tons of love to make them come to live! I couldn't ask for a better mama. And Pines is extremely hard working, patient and it's amazing to work with him. He always tries communicate with you and gives you updates to make sure you really get what you want! His rigging is on a highly professional level!"

pfp Guppy

"I reached out to Moshie to help me create my very first OC/Live2D model, she responds very fast to commission requests and questions in general. Moshie made sure I understood what she does very clearly! Wonderful to work with!"

pfp Hanamiya Chii

"I came across Pines and asked if he knew some artist that do Live2D commissions and he gave me a list with artist he had worked with before, Moshie immediately sparked my interest with her beautiful and cute art style! She is an absolute sweetheart and really nice to work with. I made tons of small detail changes throughout the process but she never found it bothersome. She is really attentive and really wishes you to be happy with the end result and really does put that extra mile of effort into making her models. Moshie is really the best mama I could have asked for!"

pfp Yoshiro

"I will be honest. I loved having the character done by her. Seeing the progress made until completion, felt like I, Yoshiro Sasaki, am actually coming to life and am ready to beat the crap out of things. 10/10, feel like the toughest gang lord out there! I will fight you on that!"

pfp Don Koala

"Moshie is one of the most patient and kindest people to work with. Even with setbacks due to me not conveying my thoughts clearly, Moshie was more than willing to go over the design until we got to what I am using today. Never regretti and will definitely stay in the Moshie fam till the end!"

pfp Lilybelle

"Moshie is a wonderful artist who understands the community and streamer’s needs. With all the patience in the world, she sends you updates on your progress and is a friendly person to be around. Her team is of supportive, understanding professionals and on top of all this, her art is amazing and to die for. Moshie and her team are the only people I want working on my model, this one and any future ones."

pfp Sanima

"Moshie was very pleasant to work with, the quality of the model I got from her was high, and there's not many other artists I could find that I could say the same for. I'm very happy I got a model from Moshie, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants a Live2D model! And Pines was very patient and pleasant as well to work with! I actually had a misunderstanding about the nature of Live2D models at the beginning, but he was patient with me and allowed me to hold a spot until I could actually get the right art! The rigging is very high quality as well, and I'm very happy with it!"

pfp Minizhirra

"Working with Moshie was a great experience. I paid 80 USD for a character sheet to another artist and never got it so Moshie had to work with me into the final design of my character. Using references, old images, drawing out what I wanted, and a lot of discussing and artistic liberties. I trusted her in making small changes to my character after she understood who my character is and who I am. Her work is amazing and would not have chosen anyone better to work with. Thank you Moshie ~"

pfp Haruka

"I love both mama Moshie and papa Pines. They work together very well. Both Moshie and Pines are dedicated to their work. They're constantly improving their already wonderful services and are very patient. Moshie is very kind and willing to go the extra mile to stretch a small concept to a fleshed out, incredible character design. Papa Pines does so much for all of his children. He's updated my model with newer things he's learned without me even asking him to do so. Mama Moshie and papa Pines made an edit to my model months after I debuted just because I joked about not having ears. I love the two of them to death and will always love the work they do."

pfp The Minepatcher

"I had previously commissioned a 3D model from another source. Unfortunately, the artist was not able to give me the correct file type for proper use. The model was scuffed every time I tried to use it. Working with Moshie I could see the complete difference in professionalism as well as communication. She has been wonderful to work with and I am very happy with the commissioned model. Thank you!"

pfp Rakeru

"Moshie has been wonderful to work with! Not only was she able to bring my OC to life without any real art to work from, she continued to provide me with beautiful art and services as slowly my model was made. Moshie is very sweet and considered and I couldn't have asked for a better Live2D mom ♡"

pfp Mari

"Moshie and Pines did an amazing job on my Isabelle! Very helpful in helping me decide what to purchase and beautiful results. 10/10 recommend sweet Moshie for beautiful art and Pines for a fluid, lively live2d rig."

pfp Ricehamster

"I would say my experience with commissioning her is super. She is super nice and added something to the design even when it was already kinda fixed. Also she gave own input to the design to make it better looking, I appreciate that"