So you want to become a VTuber

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About us

We're a creative studio focused on creating VTuber models.

For those who don't know: it's an animated character that will be used for streaming using Live2D technology (so if you move, blink or talk, the character will do the same), and although the term originally means "Virtual YouTuber", many have forgotten its original meaning, since you can find them everywhere - not just YouTube.

Some people also call them VStreamers. We call them family, since we treat every client as such.

Over time we noticed that our clients have many needs beyond just a Live2D model, so we have slowly expanded into a diverse and multifunctional team, and now we're proud to say that we're their one-stop shop. Your one-stop shop.

Models: Taiga, Nii, Kumachi

Our team

We have 3 divisions: Live2D, artists, and multimedia. These are the pros that make it happen.


Each model is drawn with pixel-perfect precision, and then passed onto the very capable hands of our animators. The artwork is then rigged adequately so it reads your facial movements and reflects them in real time.


The backbone of our company - the extremely talented people behind the artwork commissioned by our clients.

Whether it's emotes, badges, chibis or even background art, our artists deliver work of the highest quality.


Experts on their craft and artists as well, responsible for creating beautiful stream graphics, as well as maxing them look and sound alive.

Every model is drawn and animated with the utmost care.
Every client is treated like family.

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