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We love streamers. Even more if they're 2D.
Born from the love and support of our loyal clients, we aim to be the brand that both aspiring and established streamers can rely on.


moshie live2D artist


interfazer project manager


pines animator


sherloh animator


neria chibi artist


kua emote artist


sllushee concept artist


mikku graphic designer


fyhir video editor


sucellos music composer

pros at your service

Our team is made up of experts on their field.
Besides Live2D character design and animation, we can also provide you with everything you need for a successful streaming career.

live2d bundles

Every package includes artwork and animation

basic 699 *
  • Bust
  • Artwork by MoshieDraws
  • Live2D rigging
Basic select
standard 1099 *
  • Half body
  • 2 facial expressions
  • Artwork by MoshieDraws
  • Live2D rigging
Standard select
premium 1549 *
  • Full body
  • 4 facial expressions
  • Artwork by MoshieDraws
  • Live2D rigging
  • Bonus content**
Premium select

* VAT (21%) is not included and must be paid if you live in the European Union. Prices are subject to change once per quarter.
** Bonus content eligible for one of the following at NO extra cost: 1 chibi, 1 emote/badge/channel currency icon, 1 stream overlay.
Prices are subject to increase depending on client requests. For more info, please read our FAQ section.

boost your stream

We’ve expanded our team to offer our clients with everything they need to ensure a stellar debut and a steady growth on any platform.

Source: MoshieDraws on Twitch


artwork Emotes, badges, reference sheets, custom art in both half and full-body


stream graphics Overlays, 'About Me' panels, stream alerts, banners, VTuber logos


video editing Animated overlays, intros, "starting soon" screens, and much more

our work in motion

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Frequently Answered Questions

We get these a lot - so we collected them all in a single place for your commodity

Anything is okay except plagiarism of someone else's artstyle, NSFW (gore, porn), old people, furry and mecha suit/armor


Yes! Here are the base prices for extras, animation included:

Extra facial expression +60€ New character design +150€ Complex outfit from 199€ Second outfit from 299€ Second hairstyle from 99€ Floating pet from 99€ Custom animation (hands, etc.) Depends on request

Note: these prices are subject to change, and may vary according to the complexity of your request.

It means that your character does NOT exist yet, but you can provide reference pictures or inspiration that we can use to create it.

NEW CLIENTS: you would have to pay the "new character design" price

EXISTING CLIENTS: you would have to pay either the "second outfit" price or "second hairstyle" price

Yes. Our models are fully compatible and work perfectly with both VTube Studio and Facerig.

However, although they may be compatible with other programs, we do NOT officially support any other software, including: PrPr Live, Animaze, Live2DViewerEX and VUP.

Every quarter, we reserve a limited number of slots for existing clients who want to add stuff to their model (new outfit, more facial expressions, upgrade from half body to full body, etc.) - so please contact us directly!

No! If your package includes expressions, the idle face/smile doesn't count.

Base rigging includes: blinking, mouth deformation (open/closed/vowels), hair and outfit physics, and head turning (up to 3/4, never full profile). Standard and Premium packages include 2-4 simple facial expressions (eye/mouth swap), respectively.

Custom animations (not included in the base price) may include: hand or leg gestures, special expressions (requiring major face/head dynamics), special body movement. Note: special animations can be used via keyboard shortcuts, since neither Facerig nor VTube Studio have native arm/leg tracking without the use of additional software/hardware.

If you live in the US, or anywhere outside of the European Union: we only accept PayPal.

If you live in the European Union / Eurozone / Schengen Area: you can pay with PayPal too, but bank transfer is preferred.

If you want, you can pay the first half to secure your slot, and the second half once the artwork is done and ready to be animated.


When you pay, you can set the price to euros and PayPal will do the conversion automatically.

Slot reservations are available at the end of every quarter (late march, late june, late september, late december).

Then, we assign slots at the beginning of each quarter (early january, early april, early july, early october).

No. We assign slots following company criteria. We are contacted by a high amount of people, so we have try our best distributing them as best as we can.

Once reservations are open, requests will be treated equally, regardless of the date they were submitted.

Usually, no. But every client is different and so are the circumstances, so please contact us to clear things up.