Frequently Asked Questions

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We get these a lot, so we collected them all in one place for your commodity. We know it's a lot of text, so if you don't feel like reading everything, search your question on this page before contacting us. We'll appreciate it.

I want to commission you guys, but...

My character is... particular. What's OK and what's off limits?

We don't work with: furry, mecha, armors, or intentionally ugly characters.

Do you draw boys / male models?

Yes, bad boys, cute boys, femboys... we love boys.

Can I commission you even if my character design is already established / already exists?

Yes, we do it all the time! And if you want us to create a new character, we can do it as well.

Are the prices final? Do you offer any discounts?

Discounts are considered for agencies or companies who purchase 4 or more models in the same order. There are no discounts on base prices for the general public. However, Secrecy and Rush service have a reduced cost for Twitch / YouTube Partners.

Pricing for special orders General Public Partners Secrecy +15% +10% Rush service +30% +20%

Additionally, these are the extra costs for clients who request content not included in their Live2D bundle:

Extra Charges Extra facial exp. from 60€ Floating pet from 149€ New character design 199€ ...but the outfit is complex +399€ ...but the outfit is VERY complex +499€ Custom animations Ask

What qualifies as "complex"?

Gradient hair, long hair, frills, chains, accesories that require their own physics, etc.

What qualifies as "VERY complex"?

Outfits with a lot of ornaments (e.g. decora, lolita, pastel goth, holo), liquid simulation, complex structure, etc.

Do your prices include taxes?


Clients who live in the European Union: must pay an additional 21% in concept of VAT. An invoice will be provided for legal purposes.

United States of America (USA) and rest of the world: must pay an additional 5% in concept of PayPal fees. Invoice is optional.

These conditions apply to both the prices listed in our pricing page and this FAQ section.

Do you have a waitlist? Can you add me to it?

Our waitlist is only for existing clients (VTubers who already have a Moshie Studio model) who wish to add upgrades to it. We do not plan to make a waitlist for anybody else.


We open slots at the end of every quarter: late march, late june, late september, late december. We also make announcements on Twitter before opening to make sure that, if you want to commission, you don't miss your chance.

Once you open slots, how does it work?

In the Pricing section, choose a Live2D bundle, click "Buy" and fill in the form. If you can't see this option, it means we are closed until the next quarter.

How does the slot request form work?

Once you select a Live2D bundle, you'll be redirected to our slot request form. In this form, you'll be able to give us every important detail about your character/project, as well as upload reference images, add descriptions, and choose if you prefer to be contacted via Discord or Twitter.

What if, besides a Live2D model, I want to commission extras (emotes, chibis, etc.)?

You can add a Stream Pack to your order within the form. If you want individual stuff (only emotes, only chibis), you can discuss it with the Project Manager once your slot is confirmed.

How do you assign slots? Filling the form is enough, right?

Once we open our forms, slots are first come, first serve. However, filling in the form does NOT guarantee a slot. We review each application individually, and once the quarterly quota is met, we close until the next quarter. If you fill in the form on time but get rejected, please do not get discouraged - we are a small team, and as much as we'd like to accept everyone, we are simply unable to.

What does the rigging include?

Face: blinking, smiling and mouth vocals
Head: XYZ movement (9 unique head angles) and hair physics
Body: XYZ movement, clothing physics and subtle arm/leg movement

Which payment methods do you accept?

Clients in the European Union: bank transfer only. An additional 21% will be charged in concept of VAT, and an intra-community invoice will be provided so you can declare it, and potentially deduct it as an expense.

USA (United States of America) and rest of the world: PayPal only. An additional 5% will be charged in concept of PayPal fees.

Do you have financing / payment plans?

We do not offer financing, but we have 3 payment plans:

Payment Plans Thirds 30% to confirm your order
30% once the sketch is approved
40% once the artwork is finished and ready to be animated
Halves 50% to confirm your order
50% once the artwork is finished and ready to be animated
Full 100% to confirm your order, and forget about owing anything

I'm a rigger / my friend is a rigger. Can I commission just the Live2D artwork and get the PSD file?


I already have a PSD drawn by me / someone else. Can I commission just the rig from you?


Once my model is finished, will I receive the PSD/cmo3 files?

No. When you purchase a Live2D model, you pay for a Live2D model, not for editable files. You will, however, receive a full resolution PNG of your model for promotional purposes, once the Live2D artwork is finished and approved by you.

Which software is better to use your models?

We recommend VTube Studio, but our models are compatible with Facerig as well. Even though our models are technically compatible with other VTubing programs, we do not officially support any of them. We test our models thoroughly using only the best tracking technology available, and we recommend our clients to do the same if they want the best results.

Decent tracking: Facerig + webcam
Good tracking: VTube Studio + webcam
Best tracking: VTube Studio + FaceID capable iOS device

I'm already a client, and...

Is there a public Trello board where I can see your workflow / progress on my order?

The only Trello board that is open to the public is our waitlist. Our company boards will always be private, as they contain a lot of sensitive / personal details. We protect the privacy of our clients as if the whole world was under GDPR jurisdiction.

But one of your artists / riggers has a Trello board and my name is in it!

Our team members have every right to have their own Trello boards, if it helps them organize their workflow. However, these boards will never include personal or private details. Additionally, Moshie Studio renounces any and all responsibility over any public Trello board that isn't our own public waitlist.

I would like to upgrade / add stuff to my model. How do I proceed?

Shoot us a DM, and our project manager will add you to our waitlist. This waitlist is only for clients who already have a Moshie Studio model. Every quarter, we'll serve a batch of clients and remove their names from our waitlist once their order is confirmed.

KEEP IN MIND, we will not add you to our waitlist if your current model has not been finished yet.

What are the estimated prices for upgrades / additions to existing models?

Upgrade costs New facial exp. from 60€ Full body upgrade Ask New hairstyle from 299€ Plus for first new outfit 199€ New outfit from 399€ New outfit, complex from 599€ New outfit, VERY complex from 699€ Custom animations Ask Minor adjustments Ask

Why is there a "plus" for the first new outfit?

When your initial model is created, it is drawn and animated with one outfit in mind: the one you request when you fill in the form. Once you request a new outfit, we have to draw a "naked" version of your model, and prepare it not just for one, but any number of new outfits in the future (just in case).

Not every client wants to commission new outfits for their model, so we do not think it's fair to charge this plus to every client. You only pay this once.

What qualifies as a "complex outfit"?

Outfits with frills, chains, accesories that require their own physics, etc.

What qualifies as "VERY complex outfit"?

Outfits with a lot of ornaments (e.g. decora, lolita, pastel goth, holo), liquid simulation, complex structure, etc.

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