Live2D Bundles

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  • Bust model
  • Artwork by Moshie
  • Live2D rigging


  • Half body model
  • 2 facial expressions
  • Artwork by Moshie
  • Live2D rigging


  • Full body model
  • 4 facial expressions
  • Artwork by Moshie
  • Live2D rigging
  • Priority customer support
  • Bonus content


  • Special pricing options
  • 2 models onwards
  • Basic, standard or premium
  • Priority customer support
  • Free confidentiality
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* EU clients: bank transfer only. An additional 21% must be paid in concept of VAT. An invoice will be provided.
* USA and rest of the world: PayPal only. An additional 5% must be paid in concept of PayPal fees. Invoice is optional.
Prices subject to increase depending on client requests / model complexity. For further information, please read our FAQ.

But wait, there's more!

If you commission a model from us, you can also purchase additional artwork + services. Anything you need for your stream, we can do it for you. Once you fill in the commission form, you can choose between different Stream Pack options, or you can pick individual stuff later on, while your Live2D model is worked on.

Emotes & Badges

Essential for any streamer and only usable by subscribers, they're the main way your community members can show off their support - and also advertise you on other channels just by using them.

Both our emotes and badges are delivered in full size, but you also get all the pre-cropped sizes required by Twitch, neatly prepared so you only have to drag and drop. This way, they won’t look weird or blurry once uploaded.

Custom Artwork

If you need any kind of artwork for your character, you can count on us. The classic arrange of art commissions at your reach and following the beautiful artstyle of our artists: bust, half body, full body, chibis, and highly detailed backgrounds.

Please keep in mind: although our custom artwork services are usually open to the public, we always give priority to our clients.

Reference Sheets

Character reference sheets are one of the most powerful resources for a VTuber. Every detail about your character design, neatly gathered in one place: name, full body front and back, and color palette, too.

This is extremely helpful if you want to encourage your community (or anybody) to make fan-art of your character, and make sure that they'll get everything right at the same time, because they have a solid reference to follow.

Video Editing

Frequently underrated and overlooked, but it makes all the difference between an amateur looking stream, and a professional looking one.

We can fulfill the most common requests for animated stream screens, such as Starting Soon, BRB, Ending Soon - as well as stream transitions (stingers). "Why would I need a custom stream transition", you might think. Once you have a stinger, you'll wonder how you could stream without one before!

Graphic Design

"Good design is invisible, but when it's absent, there is nothing more noticeable" - Some cool guy

But seriously, another deciding factor when it comes to standing out from the crowd is a good looking stream. We cover everything here, too: stream overlays, description panels, offline screens, banners - and even VTuber logos!

Mix this with our video editing & custom artwork, and your debut will definitely NOT go unnoticed.

Music & Sound

Make your stream fit your personality with custom music, or custom alert sounds. Our background music is loopable, so you can enable it and disable it whenever it's convenient, and nobody will notice.

Our composer is flexible, too, so the genre can be whatever you want: classy, funky, electronic... you name it. With this, not only we can make your stream look alive and move like it's alive... it can sound alive, too.

Additionally, every client is eligible to join our exclusive Twitch Team: Moshie LIVE!

See our work in action